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Art History

Art history combines the study of art with the study of culture.

Art History: primarily covers the history of Western art from the prehistoric period to the modern
era, along with an introduction to non-Western cultures including China India, Mexico, etc. The course focuses on the history, evolution and direction of art and how art has influenced society and culture through the ages. In studying various works, students will develop their aesthetic perceptions by learning to use such thinking skills as observation, discrimination, comparison, contrast and imagination.  Students will examine characteristics of art movements, historical eras and individual artists through the study of painting, sculpture and architecture.

AP Art History: will introduce students to a challenging and richly rewarding academic discipline. Students learn the vocabulary of the visual arts – painting, architecture, sculpture and photography – and will also study the historical periods during which individual masterpieces were created. Through the visual arts we are given a uniquely vivid glimpse into the human experience.  We will see representations of humankind’s darkest fears and most fervent beliefs; we will see artists’ conceptions of ugliness, violence and inhumanity as well as those of ultimate beauty, dignity and truth. As we study their works and gain a deeper understanding of the Western tradition in art, we will also gain a clearer understanding of our own place within those traditions. Students will also be introduced to arts of non-western cultures such as Asia, Africa, and the Americas prior to the coming of the Europeans. All students are required to take the AP Exam.