Meal Plan

Mater Dei High School and Sodexo Food Service are proud to introduce our New Meal Plan Program.  The program offers a variety of meal plan options to meet your student’s needs — and a huge variety of food to enjoy, with multiple pick up sites to choose from. 

During these unprecedented times, we want to ensure that Mater Dei students have access to quality meals on campus.  By giving our students the option to get a variety of new options here at school we eliminate the need for them to go outside campus in order to purchase their meals.  You will have the option to choose between our weekly or monthly plans. 

Both plans include the following:  A delicious entrée, two sides (vegetable and starch), and a choice of beverage.  Your student will experience a variety of meals as we constantly rotate our menu. 

Monthly meal plan:  This plan is perfect for those students who have extracurricular activities and will be on campus for a large part of the day.  The number of meals and monthly rate will vary to coincide with the number of days the student will be on campus (we will go by the school calendar) and offers a 15% discount off the retail pricing.  We encourage students to dine with us every day as the meal plan does not fully roll over at the end of the semester. *

* At the end of the semester, 50% of the remaining meal value will roll over to the following semester. Meal plans help the dining team in planning, ordering, preparing, staffing and eliminating waste.  Missed or skipped meals still require all these steps and associated costs.  The intent is to ensure we can cover these.  Missed meals due to excused absences will be rolled over 100%.   

Weekly meal pack:  The weekly meal pack includes four (4) meals and is perfect for those students that do not plan to be on campus every day of the school week.  These meals can be rolled over week after week.  The cost of the meal pack is $30.00, or $7.50 a meal. 

You may find November’s menu on the link provided below.  It has been broken down by week for your convenience.