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About: In addition to teaching, Br. Joseph enjoys traveling and encountering new cultures. He has been to Ireland, India, and Kenya. He is extremely grateful to the Sisters of the Holy Cross for the memorable Catholic education he has received from them. A member of the Brothers of St. Patrick, he lives in community with other Brothers who have previously taught at MD.

Prior to his teaching ministry, Br. Joseph was a firmware engineer at IBM Corporation. He holds a patent for inventing a computing mouse for education and is an active practitioner in engineering by supervising electronics, software, and mechanical development teams. His invention was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2020. He has introduced Robotics teams in all the schools he has taught and organized STEM fieldtrips for his students to Legoland, Griffith Park Observatory and Whale Watching. He was awarded grants by Shell Corporation and Santa Ana Unified School District to extend robotics program to high need students. To teach math and science he uses innovative technologies such as 3D printers, Lego Mindstorms Robotics kits, and Virtual Reality sets.

Education: Bachelor’s, Teaching Credential

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago

Single Subject Teaching Credential, California State University, Long Beach


Teaching since: 2013

Teaching at MD since: 2020