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President Welcome

Dear Students and Parents,
Since becoming the president of Mater Dei High School, I have been overwhelmed by your kindness and warm welcome. Humbly, let me begin by saying, Thank You! I am honored to be a member of the Monarch Community and look forward to serving you. 
It is now my turn to “Welcome” you to the 2022-2023 school year! The faculty, staff, and administration eagerly anticipate the beginning of the school year and dedicate themselves to supporting each student. Each student deserves an exceptional Mater Dei High School experience and as one team collaborating with parents, we are determined to make this happen.
The purpose of Mater Dei High School is to develop faith-filled, responsible servant leaders committed to serving God, the church, and their communities with a profound sense of social justice founded in love. To achieve our purpose, we intentionally embed the Catholic faith and the principles of Honor, Glory, and Love into every aspect of the student experience. The why behind our purpose is simple. We live in a complicated world that is in desperate need of faith-filled servant leadership. Leaders with the wisdom and goodness to understand, “To love is to will the good for another.” St. Thomas Aquinas
As president, I believe achieving our purpose is of primary importance. The process of achieving our purpose is what makes Mater Dei High School uniquely different from other secondary schools. While most secondary schools focus solely on academic knowledge, Mater Dei High School goes beyond academic knowledge and develops each student’s will to choose goodness. Therefore, a student does not attend Mater Dei High School, instead they move through an intentional four-year process and become a Monarch! 
On behalf of the faculty, staff, administration, alumni and donors we are grateful that you chose Mater Dei High School. It is our prayer that we all remain safe and healthy throughout the school year and that Mary, Mater Dei intercedes on our behalf!



Michael P. Brennan