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Principal Welcome

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.  We are happy to enter what we believe to be another Year of Healing and Hope and look forward to good health and safety for all.   Please read the following closely and follow up this email with a visit to our Back to School page for a few action items!
We are happy to welcome the following personnel who are new to their positions at MDHS:
  • Assistant Principal/Academic Services: Molly Chace
  • Assistant Principal/Catholic Identity and Formation: Jeni Dennin
  • Assistant Principal/Student Life: Diana Neustadt
  • Executive Director of School Safety/Discipline: Jack Conklin
  • Executive Director of Athletics: Joel Hartman
  • Executive Director of Information Technology: Melony Myers
  • Director of Retreats: Caitlin Stutzke 
  • Director of Christian Services and Outreach: Maurissa Talarico
  • Chaplain: Father Mark Cruz, AM

Re-imagined Pavilion
Lots of work has been taking place during summer with the re-modeling and re-imagining of the Pavilion, (AKA Old Gym).  You will be able to view the changes as we enter the new school year.

Covid Preparations
At this time there are no new requirements issued from the Health Department related to COVID.  Here at MDHS and in the Diocese of Orange,  we support science in the use of vaccinations for all who believe in their protection from the COVID virus.  If a student is ill for any reason, we ask parents to allow the student to stay home so that we may protect the health and safety of all on the MD campus.  Should there be any new regulations issued from the OC Health Department related to COVID, MDHS will follow these in the best interest of the health and well- being of the community. 
Parent/Student Handbook
We ask all parents and students to read and follow the guidelines and directives as issued in the Parent-Student Handbook.  By following these directives/guidelines, all students are given the opportunity to meet the expectations of MDHS and to live the life of a Monarch with Honor, Glory, Love.  Students, please remember that the wearing of the school uniform and ID indicates that you are a MD student who understands and respects the school’s philosophy of Honor, Glory, Love.  Wear the Monarch colors with Pride, Poise and Respect!
 (Vicki Marsha Uniforms is the official supplier of MD student uniforms).

Block Schedule
We will continue with a Block Schedule of 75 minute class periods in classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Student Information Systems: Aeries, Canvas, Naviance
  • Aeries: For the most updated information regarding a student’s academic progress, check the AERIES PROGRAM regularly.  You can review grades attendance, transcripts, on AERIES.
  • Canvas: For the most updated student assignments and instructions from teachers, check CANVAS, our Student Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Naviance: For the most updated information on college requirements and admissions, check the Counseling Canvas page and remember to utilize the Naviance College  Research Program for updated information on college admissions.
Additional Information for Parents and Students 
  • Parents, our Counseling Office under the direction of Mrs. Kellie Bauer, will be hosting several events related to Health, Wellness, the College Admission process and much more throughout the year.  Please plan to attend.
  • Parents, please follow the communication channels as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook should you need to address any type of issue with MD personnel.
  • Check the MD Master Calendar on the MD website for updates to all important events.
Finally, to every member of the MD community, welcome back, let’s work together to make the 2022-2023 school year a transformative experience for all students in this Catholic School environment where they may again enjoy school on a daily basis, compete with strength and respect on the playing fields, the courts and in the pool, perform with skill and talent in the visual and performing arts and enjoy the many activities planned for A Year of Healing and Hope.  God’s blessings to all.
Sincerely in Mater Dei,
Frances Clare