Dear Parents, 


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  Our school theme for this year is “Be the Light” and we look forward to another year of excellent learning opportunities for our students, which will facilitate them as they move toward a successful future.


To assist students in being prepared for their futures, which is of prime importance to all of us at Mater Dei High School, we have a dedicated and outstanding faculty and staff who constantly work hard to instruct and support students in every way possible.  I encourage students and parents to communicate regularly with teachers, counselors, deans and other appropriate personnel about progress and performance in any area of a student’s school life.  I ask also that parents adhere to the chain of communication as outlined in the 2019-2020 Parent-Student Handbook. 


It is important that parents review and where necessary, complete the following pages which are related to students' success at MDHS. These pages can be found on the right hand side of this page titled "Back to School Information".


While we have numerous resources available and make every effort to facilitate students’ success here at MDHS, we also need the support of parents in every way possible.  It is imperative that students have excellent attendance at school, that they are on time to school, that they are well rested, that they complete assignments and homework by the given timelines.  In addition, it is important that students need to learn how to self-advocate with school personnel when they have questions or need assistance and guidance.

Some updates and reminders for the 2019-2020 school year, which we believe will continue to facilitate the educational process for both students and parents:  You will find information on several of these changes included in this letter.  However, please be sure to check the MD website for particular and updated information.  We will continue to send Monarch News from the Principal’s office each Thursday.

  1. To assist parents in knowing what is required of students, we encourage you to frequent our AERIES Program regularly in order to keep up to date on your student’s assignments and grades and to review transcripts, attendance and community service hours.  
  2. This school year students will use Canvas as the Learning Management System. Both parents and students may have access to the student portal.
  3. Naviance Family Connection College and Career Readiness Program:  This program continues to be available through a link on the MD website under the Counseling Office. It will help students and parents navigate the college admissions process.
  4. Parchment: This program will continue to be available to parents and students.  MD transcripts are ordered online and can be transmitted electronically to colleges and universities.  Information about this program can also be found on the MD website under Counseling Office.
  5. iPad programRemember to again check the MD website about our iPad program (found under Academics/iPad Program) and in particular the campus store section which will bring you up-to-date on e-texts and textbooks (found under About MD/Mater Dei Bookstore).
  6. All students will receive their iPads on the scheduled ReDD Days. Please see the ReDD Day section of the Back to School Information page for specific dates.
  7. Student Orientation Information: Please see the Orientation section of the Back to School Information page for specific dates and times. Our school pictures are taken by South Coast Photographic (please school photo section of the Back to School Information page for flyers). These will be used on your School IDs as well as for the yearbook. If you are not in appropriate dress, you will not be allowed to have your picture taken, so please be aware of all dress/grooming guidelines.
  8. The MDHS Master Calendar, is now available through the MD website at www.materdei.org Having the calendar online enables us to keep you up-to-date with changes in dates, activities etc. Please remember to access the calendar on a regular basis for the most recent updates. In addition, Back-to-School information including Book Buying days and Student Orientation dates are available at www.materdei.org. Click on “Parents” at the top right of the MD web page then select “19-20 Back to School Information”. If you would like a packet of the website information mailed to you, please call the Registrar’s office at 714-850-9570.
  9. Student Uniforms:  Please be advised that it is of the utmost importance that all students adhere to the approved uniform and grooming guidelines.

    I invite and encourage parents and students to attend the different grade level information meetings, which the Counseling Department holds regularly throughout the year.  The information given at these meetings is of the highest importance to all interested in the college admission process. 



Toward a good beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, and I look forward to seeing you at the parent Back-to-School nights scheduled for September.  I wish your students every blessing and success as they return to school in the coming year.



Frances Clare