Parking Lot Rules & Regulations

Mater Dei High School               

Parking Lot Rules and Regulations: 2019-2020


The following is important parking information and reminders for all students and parents:

ATTENTION SENIORS: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE MONARCH WAY PARKING LOT FOR SCHOOL WITHOUT THE PROPER PARKING PERMIT BEING DISPLAYEDDoing this causes unnecessary delays to students who do have their proper parking permits and are waiting in line behind you. No matter if you left your permit home, or left it in another car, or lost it, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE MONARCH WAY LOT.  You must park in the Parking Structure until you are able to display your Monarch Way parking permit, or have resolved your situation with Security.

  • Again, Seniors will not be allowed to park in the Monarch Way Lot unless the appropriate Parking Permit is visibly displayed from the rearview mirror or front dash board of the vehicle when entering the lot.  Students parking in the Parking Structure should also have a Parking Permit.  Parking Permits must be clearly visible at all times when the vehicle is parked inside the lots. 
  • Monarch Way Lot - is for Senior students who have purchased a Senior Reserved Painted Parking spot, Faculty and Staff, and visitors.
  • ALL student drivers must enter the Monarch Way Lot and the Parking Structure from the bottom, Baker St. gate.
  • Parking Structure - is for all other student drivers who have not received a Senior Reserved Painted Parking spot. Parking is on a first-come first-served basis. Students will not be allowed to park on the upper (3rd) level unless instructed to do so by Security. 
  • Bristol Lot - (on the west side of campus) is for FACULTY, STAFF, AND DELIVERIESNo student parking or student drop-offs are allowed on this lot.
  • The speed limit on all Mater Dei parking lots is 5 MPH.
  • The school is not responsible for the vehicle or its contents.  Students should make every effort to hide from view any valuables left inside their vehicles, and vehicles should always be locked.
  • Students are not permitted to double-park, park along curbs, or park in a coned off, reserved or non-marked parking space unless instructed to do so by Security.
  • Student drop-offs are only allowed inside the Monarch Way Lot with entry from Edinger Ave.
  • Students who choose to park on city streets are subject to city enforcement of all laws. Students are not allowed to move trash cans or block driveways.
  • Once they are on campus, students will not be allowed to leave campus without permission.  
  • During school hours, students will not be allowed to go to their vehicles or leave campus without permission.