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Student Parking Permits 2021-22

All students who park on property at Mater Dei High School are required to purchase a parking permit. Permits are for the parking structure and will cost $100.00 for the 2021-2022 school year.

Students may apply for a parking permit at any time throughout the school year, once they receive their Driver’s License or Interim Driver’s License. Students who fail to abide by the rules or directions given by Security will receive consequences, including possible termination of their parking privileges.  

This year, there are two types of student parking passes utilized for on-campus parking.


1. Parking Structure Passes for all student drivers. Parking in the structure is available for all students in the order they arrive. There is no reserved or preferred parking in the parking structure. For additional information about parking structure passes, or the parking permit process, please contact Dan Worrell our Security Director. [email protected]
2. Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spaces for Senior students who have applied for and been approved for these personalized spots in the Main Lot. For additional information about these spots  contact Diana Neustadt in the Activities Office for additional information. [email protected]
  1. Download, print and complete the student parking application packet (see below)
  2. Complete payment online by CLICKING HERE. Only one permit can be purchased per transaction.
  3. Print a copy of your receipt. 
  4. The following items must be either emailed ([email protected]) or turned into the Security Office.
        • Signed and completed 2021-22 Student Parking Application – Page 3 of the packet
        • Copy of the student’s driver’s license / interim driver’s license
        • Copy of the receipt from sale
Senior Reserved Painted Parking Space - you may pick up your parking passes from the Activities Office.
All Other Students - you may pick up your parking pass in the Security Office during ReDD Days       
Redd Days Schedule
8/9/2021    11am to 6pm
8/10/2021   8am to 3pm
8/11/2021   8am to 3pm
8/12/2021   8am to 3pm
8/13/2021  8am to 11am  
Students who are not able to pick up their parking pass during these times will need to pick up their pass in the Security Office during regular school hours.
Students will be allowed to park in the parking structure without a pass for the first week of back-to-campus school.  After the first week, students will not be permitted to park without a pass.