Announcements & Resources

Announcements and Resources

Important Information for Participation in Athletics!

2017-2018 School Year

Before being able to participate in any Interscholastic Sports team, all incoming and returning student athletes must complete an annual Pre-participation Sports Screening or Physical prior to tryouts or any summer camp before the start of their freshman year.


Incoming freshmen, please complete the Athletic Registration through the Appryse website (See announcement below).


Deadlines for Athletic Physicals must be submitted by are:

For Sports where the athlete will participate in a summer camp – Due by June 9.

All others – Due by August 4.


Incoming and returning Athletes will not be able to participate in any Mater Dei sport camp or activity until registration through the Appryse website has been completed and an Athletic Screening/physical has been submitted and received (faxed or uploaded to Appryse).


All Physicals and Screenings must be submitted through the Appryse registration website (see links above). 

Please do not submit physicals to coaches, or the Health office.

For any further information, Please contact the Mater Dei High School Athletic Training staff.



Please look in our Calendar section for an overview of our upcoming events and holiday hours schedules.


All forms will now be electronically available when you register with Appryse. Click Here for the Apprise link. For detailed information within the Mater Dei website, Click Here


Appryse - Paperless Athletic Registration Platform

Mater Dei High School is pleased to announce the use of Appryse for the 2017-2018 school year. Appryse is a web-based replacement to the paper-based system we have used previously to track medical history, contact information, and release forms for all of our students.

 As parents, you are able to enter all information online as well as upload the doctor physical forms. Information can be updated throughout the year as it changes. This system will benefit Mater Dei in many ways, including the improvement of privacy for our families. Coaches and trainers use a smartphone instead of carrying binders of athlete information. 

In the event of injury, trainers and coaches will use the system to automatically notify you of the injury, the symptoms, and/or care, etc. via phone, email, and text message. We feel it will make this year much easier for parents, coaches, and most importantly, increase the safety of our students. 

If you have already submitted forms for your student/athlete this summer, you will still be required to register through Appryse and complete and electronically sign most of the forms so that we also have an electronic version. You will not have to re-submit an Athletic Medical Screenings/Physicals as the Athletic Training Staff will verify submission after you register.

Please enroll in Appryse at your earliest convenience by going to: (Appryse Link). 

The Mater Dei website will have detailed instruction at the following link;

MD Athletic Training/Appryse Registration