Incoming Freshmen- Recommended

prepare for success
OVERVIEWWelcome Mater Dei High School class of 2025 and Parents!
This page is for our incoming Freshmen whose Admissions letter stated one or more recommendations or for those who wish to get ahead. 
Our Summer courses for Incoming Freshmen prepare students for success in our Mater Dei Freshmen courses. Students of all levels are welcome to enroll- the courses provide excellent preparation for any Freshmen course schedule. 
Students RECOMMENDED to attend Summer School:
Students whose Admissions letter stated that they are "recommended" to enroll in Summer School, should enroll in at least one of the following courses depending on their areas of need:
  • High School Preparatory Reading
  • High School Preparatory Language & Writing
  • High School Preparatory Math
Students recommended to attend Summer School and those with no specific recommendations: 
If all recommendations are met, students may be able to add the following:
  • High School Preparatory:
    • Science Readiness 
      • All incoming Freshmen are invited to enroll in Science Readiness. The course provides excellent preparation for any of our challenging Freshmen Science courses. If Science Readiness is required, the Science Department Chair, Mrs. Lawrence will notify you.  
    • Geometry Bootcamp
      • only on the recommendation/approval of the Math Department
  • Credit Advancement:
    • Art 1 for Advancement
      • Art 1 is a Credit Advancement course that allows students to meet the Art requirement for graduation. Students can also get ahead in prerequisites to be able to take higher level Art courses sooner. Students can take both semesters over one Summer or may split the semesters between two Summers. 
      • See the Credit Advancement tab for details and to register
online format

All Incoming Freshmen courses will be offered in an ONLINE format for students who were recommended or are electing to take the courses

  1. synchronous curriculum with live teaching (live online meetings)
  2. options for in-person and online help & tutoring
Summer School runs June 21st- July 23rd (July 5th off)


High School Preparatory Course Times:

1st Period

8:00 – 9:00 am

2nd Period

9:10 – 10:10 am

3rd Period

10:15 – 11:15 am

4th Period

11:50 – 12:50 pm








  • HSP Reading, HSP Language & Writing, and HSP Math are usually offered across periods 1-4
  • Geometry Bootcamp is usually offered period 1 (only)
  • Science Readiness is usually offered periods 3&4 (only)
  • Students take one HSP course per period, up to 4 HSP courses
  • Please submit any time requests with registration (e.g. student taking HSP Math, HSP Reading, and HSP Language could start period 1 or period 2- please request when registering)


*Art I is a Credit Advancement class (taken for credit) and meets for additional time:

ART I Semester 1: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 10:20 am*

ART I Semester 2: Monday - Friday, 10:30 am - 12:50 pm


example registration note: student will participate in baseball
With synchronous online courses it is important to be available during the class time. If there is a certain period or period(s) that you cannot be available or if you have other potential scheduling conflicts, such as a sport, please be sure to note this on the registration form. We are able to accommodate many scheduling requests if listed with registration. 
electronic device needed
MDHS will not provide electronic devices (including iPads) for checkout during Summer 2021. Students will need a personal computer, tablet, or Chromebook. 
Students taking Art 1 will need a touchscreen tablet with a stylus (pointed tip like Apple pencil)
The High School Preparatory courses are taken for preparation and to meet placement requirements, not for credit. Completion of these courses will be reported to Department Chairs for placement and will be noted on the student's Mater Dei High School transcript. HSP courses do not count for credits or factor into a student's GPA. 
The High School Preparatory Math and Geometry Bootcamp courses are taken to meet different placement requirements. Please review any emails you have received from the Math Department (Mr. Vasquez or Ms. Cooper) to ensure that you have the correct course before registering. 
In some cases, taking the Incoming Freshmen courses, may improve placement for the upcoming school year. For example, students who have been required to attend High School Preparatory Reading for Summer School may be able to place out of taking Reading during the school year. 
Art I is a Credit Advancement course that allows students to meet the Art requirement for graduation. Students can also get ahead in prerequisites to be able to take higher level Art courses sooner. Students can take both semesters over one Summer or may need to split the semesters between two Summers. See Credit Advancement for details and to register. 
*Students may take up to 4 of the above courses, unless they are taking Art I. Students taking both semesters of Art 1 are not able to take HSP courses. If students take one semester of Art I, they can also take up to 2 of the other Incoming Freshmen courses (period 3 and period 4).  *Students who wish to take Art I-Semester 1 (only) and up to 2 Incoming Freshmen classes will be allowed to leave a few minutes early to go to their next class on time
We are not able to offer accommodations during Summer School. These include, but are not limited to, additional testing time, testing in our Learning Center, test readers, note takers. 
Our Incoming Freshmen High School Preparatory courses are designed for students who need more help with the subjects and the pacing and exams take this into account. 

If a class is cancelled, or the student drops a class prior to the first day of Summer School (June 21st 2021- must notify by June 20th 2021), fees will be refunded in full. If the student drops a class during the first week of summer school (June 21st- June 25th 2021), 50% of the fees will be refunded if the Summer School Office is notified that the student is dropping the class by June 25th 2021. There will be no refunds for class(es) dropped after June 25th 2021. Classes will only be dropped when the Summer School Office is notified a student will no longer be attending. If a student is expelled from Summer School, no refund will be given.


No refunds will be issued if the student does not contact the Summer School Office by June 20th 2021 to correct any errors in course enrollment (e.g. student registers for Algebra 1 when Algebra 1A is needed, or 1st semester when 2nd semester is needed). Please consult your Academic Counselor prior to registering for Summer School if you are unsure of which course(s) or semester(s) to select. If you realize that you have registered for the wrong course or semester, please contact us by June 20th 2021.


No refunds will be issued if a student does not earn credits for a course and/or does not earn their desired placement(s) for the next school year. Students should contact the relevant Department Chair to ensure that they will receive credit for a course and are aware of placement requirements.

For Workshops only, students may request a refund up to 48 hours prior to the start of the Workshop by contacting No refunds will be given after the start of the Workshop.