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Mission Statement and Purpose of Campus Ministry

Mission Statement
In the spirit of the Gospel, Campus Ministry at Mater Dei High School exists to support the spiritual growth and moral development of our school community (faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni).

To provide

• the structure for the Mater Dei community to experience and grow in their spiritual life
• opportunities for the Mater Dei community to live out the Gospel values as taught by Jesus by sharing their gifts in service to others

To promote
• participation by students in parish and faith communities
• prayer that is inclusive and appreciative of our diverse multicultural community

The Task of Campus Ministry
The task of Campus Ministry is to serve the youth of our community.  Young people's talents need to be recognized, their creativity nurtured, their power respected - for they are vital to the life and growth of the community, our church and our world. 

Confidence must be imparted to the young by allowing them to assume responsibility for their mission - a mission that bears the mandate to make a difference.  

This mission is accomplished when we create an environment conducive to spiritual growth - an atmosphere that encourages young people to explore, develop and deepen their relationship with God, neighbor and self.  
- Saint John Paul II and the Mission of Campus Ministry