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Shadow Program Information


Thank you for your interest in the Mater Dei High School Shadow Program!  The Shadow Program has ended for the 16-17 school year.  Shadow Dates for the 17-18 school year will be posted in August.





Q: What is the Shadow Program?
A: The Shadow Program is an opportunity for prospective students to get a hands-on feel for Mater Dei life. Your student will spend a day with a Mater Dei student host, attending classes and lunch as well as a campus tour.


Q: Who will host the visiting student for the day?

A: If your student knows a current Mater Dei student, in good standing, you may request to shadow him/her. Otherwise, your student will be paired with a Mater Dei student based on the interests you provide on the shadow form (i.e. activities, subjects, sports, etc.) OR with a member of our Associated Student Body (ASB). Sibling shadows are also permitted. 

Q: Does a student have to be accepted to Mater Dei before they participate in this program? 
A: Acceptance is not required; however the program is reserved for prospective 7th and 8th grade students or high school students interested in transferring from another school to Mater Dei. 

Q: What should visiting students wear when they Shadow?
A: The dress code for shadow students is very similar to that of the Mater Dei students.  Please see below: 

Girls – Appropriate Dress Guidelines 

        Skirt (no shorter than 3" above the knee)

        Blouse/nice shirt

        Dress (no shorter than 3" above the knee)      

        Dress pants

        Current school uniform (if you have one)

        Shoes with covered toes and heels      

        Tennis shoes 


        No denim of any kind (i.e. jeans, jean skirt)

        No low or revealing necklines

        No bare midriffs      

        No T-shirts

        No facial piercings (other than earrings)      

        No visible tattoos      

        No sandals, flip-flops, open toed or backless shoes, slippers 

Boys – Appropriate Dress Guidelines 

        Dress pants/shorts (i.e. khakis, Dockers)

        Collared shirt – polo or button down

        Current school uniform (if you have one)

        Shoes with covered toes and heels

        Tennis shoes



        No denim of any kind (i.e. jeans, jean shirt)

        No T-shirts (must wear a collared shirt)

        No excessively baggy attire

        No facial piercings of any kind (including earrings)

        No visible tattoos

        No sandals, flip-flops, open toed or backless shoes, slippers 



Q: How long is a typical Shadow Day? 
A: Shadow students will arrive at 8:00 am.  Dismissal on Gray Days is at 2:15 pm and on Red Days is at 2:30 pm.  Your confirmation e-mail will give you the official schedule for your Shadow Day.  Students should be dropped off and picked up in the Office of Advancement and must be signed in and out upon arrival and dismissal. 


Q: Do visiting students need to pack a lunch? 
A: Your student is welcome to bring his or her own sack lunch, or $5.00 is enough to purchase lunch here on campus.  CLICK HERE (hyperlink to view our extensive variety of menu options.



Mater Dei High School offers the Shadow Program to 8th grade students and high school transfer students during September through May and to 7th grade students during February through May. The number of Shadows on campus on any given day is limited to 30. Please note that dates fill up very quickly, especially Spirit Rally days!   All Shadow Dates are subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shadow Program is not to be used just to visit friends for the day. The program is designed for students interested in making Mater Dei their possible high school home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.