Our Course Catalog lists every course offered and a brief description of each subject. As you review our catalog, please note students may elect a strong to a very vigorous academic program. Your college plans will determine which program you should pursue; Mater Dei has 18 Honors and 18 Advanced Placement courses. In order to plan your yearly classes, you need to become familiar with course prerequisites. 

CLICK HERE for the 2015-16 Course Catalog.

Graduation Requirements
To receive a diploma from Mater Dei High School students must successfully complete the following requirements:
Religious Studies - 4 years
English - 4 years
Mathematics - 3 years
Science - 2 years
Social Studies - 3 years (including 1 yr. U. S. History, 1 semester U.S. Government)
Foreign Language - 2 years of the same foreign language
Enough Other subjects to equal 235 credits 
80 hours of Christian/Community service work to be completed by the end of the Senior year

If a student fails a course at the semester, he/she must make up the course in summer school which directly follows the completion of the year in which the failure is received.

All “F” grades on a transcript must be made up before a diploma will be issued.